How does it work?

The business must have a computer with a cable or DSL hookup - a dial up connection would also work as long as the computer is continuously connected to the internet provider. The computer and ticker can be connected wirelessly or a business owner can run an every-day telephone wire from the back of the computer to wherever the business owner would like to have the information displayed if a hard-wired connection is necessary. Software is loaded onto the computer which constantly downloads information from Rodney's main computer and then sends the information out to the display ticker.


The neatest aspect about Rodney is the flexibility of its software. From either a main screen that is displayed on the computer or remotely from our internet website, the user may indicate which specific games (or NASCAR driver, or PGA golfer) he or she wishes to have displayed on the ticker. For instance a business that is only interested in showing the Big Ten football scores can do so, without the annoyance of having all the other scores, that customers are not interested in, scroll across the display.

Also, the customizability of the display board allows a business to keep a customer in his seat if it is the only place that he can see updated scores for an untelevised event. For instance, say someone wanted to be kept up to date on the Ball State basketball game or the San Diego Padres baseball game, with the click of a mouse those games could be added to the list of scores displayed on the board.

Lastly, a business owner has the ability to add his own message that scrolls right along with the scores. It is a great way to captivate a customer's attention and then integrate a customized announcement of a drink special or special event.

What is involved in getting set up?

Rodney costs $25 per month. This covers the subscrition to the sports scores service that feeds the ticker with live scores. There is no long term contract required, Rodney just charges your credit card each month. The only additional costs depend on how big your sports ticker will be. A very practical and functional 2-foot long LED board is $300. LED board prices increase as you go to larger and larger setups. The $25 per month subscrition fee is the same no matter what size LED board you use. Once the equipment arrives, you just have to mount the LED board, connect it to your computer, and load the Rodney What's The Score software onto your computer. If at anytime you do not want to subscribe to the service anymore, you need only notify us.

Sports that are currently supported:
SPECIAL EVENT- A schedule of events such as Olympics, Horse Races, Tennis etc.
And More to Come!

Who are these guys?

Bill, Dan and Mike Jones are sports loving brothers who were raised in Green Bay and graduated from the UW with engineering degrees. Bill lives in Madison, Dan lives in Milwaukee and Mike lives in Las Vegas. The sports ticker started out as just an idea for personal use but has received so many compliments that they decided to start selling it to businesses.

What's with the name?

Mike's nickname is Rodney. The term "Hey Rodney, What's the Score?" is a common question at family gatherings if a sporting event is on tv.

Here is an example of the user interface:

user interface example screen